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summer. >> yes, it is. >> that's an understatement. it's really going to feel like summer. there is a full moon out there, the harvest moon, and it is timing out perfectly with the calendar on this equo knox. we have a warming trend ranging from 85 and 90, summer heat. 62 in bel air. now, watch this. we have baltimore county, there is a widespread of heat throughout the counties. most of us are ranging from mid-50s and 650s, and we will -- and 60s, and we will reach the 87-degree mark today. >> we are working a serious
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cash on 7 -- crash on 70 westbound. the far left lane is opened, but the two right are blocked. expect some delays. looking at the drive times, beltway, looking good. outer loop to providence, no problems. and on the topside of 83 and the jfx, traffic looks good there as well. there on the cameras, you can see the traffic is moving at speed no problems on 695. >> it's 1 minute after 6:00. bed bugs, they are gross, they are hitching a ride on your belongings and they are taking over your home. ms. john shows us what -- johnson is showing us what has
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occurred at the library. >> a booker returned the books, and there were bed bugs found. the library bagged up the books and then cleared the entire library to have it treated and fumigated. >> we decided to go ahead and have all libraries, book mobiles, and book delivery vans to ensure there is nothing else that is going to make its way in to the building. >> 100,000 people use the frederick's library each month. >> if you want to learn more way tos prevent the -- to prevent the bed bugs and how
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to treat them, there is more information found on our website. jamie? >> a harvard county student is going to be laid to rest this morning. joey d'entremont was laid to rest after being killed crossing a road in harvard county. >> a meeting comes in the wake after a shooting at john hopkins hospital. a doctor was injured and an elderly woman dead.
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>> some of the most elite children in washington, including president obama's daughter, robert peterson will not spend time in jail. he taught a boy in middle school, and he touched the boy inappropriately. he was fired from the school in january. >> heather herr was on her way to meet a wedding planner when the distracted hit her car and killed her. two years ago, her dad told the big wigs in washington, that their lives are no longer the same. >> reporter: it's a lot about changing the attitudes, you get behind the wheel, you pick up the cell phone, and you think it is okay to text,
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talk, and checking your e-mail, but you could be putting yourself and others in danger. this couple has lost their daughter because of a distracted driver who was texting. they want to send out a message. it's considered as dangerous as drunk driver drive -- driving. >> we couldn't believe that our daughter was taken from us by someone who was texting. >> in a matter of seconds your entire life can change, and we will never be the same again. >> here in maryland, it's illegal to text while driving. >> we are live in helsen.
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abc news. >> the nfl coach has fined harbaugh. coach palmer said there was a motion there explaining the site zone of here to here. >> a 3 winning shot. 305 feet away as the orioles beat the red sox. they will have a better record than they did last year. >> now, they are inspired. >> the head of one of the biggest churches in the land is facing allegations. >> plus, we have some tips on how to install and use the
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booster seats on how to keep your children safe. >> good morning, if you are try to get a job, going back to work, we will tell you how we can help. first, we will look at the business reports. >> president obama's top economic advisor is stepping down leaving at the end of the year, and this gives him the opportunity to reshape his economic team which recently lost two of the highest members. >> the feds are concerned about the prices falling than rising which could lead to a drop of wages and home values. >> apple max -- apple mac has
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been placed as the 1 in the world. >> to appeal to drinkers, budweiser will be holding a second campaign. that's your money report. >>
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>> is
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>> if you want your resume on the air, send us your resume, and we will have a 20 second pitch, and we will be putting it on the air and the website. >> now, your forecast. >> we had a beautiful full moon overnight, and it was to the extreme western sky. summer is about to end tonight
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at 10:00. temperatures in the eastern shore are holding at 68. we have one spot in the 50s. so we are starting to diminish the chill that we had over the last couple of mornings. our cold front is extending to the upper midwest, and that is going to include some downpours. yesterday, the high temperatures may have pulled back a little bit the day before, and memphis, tennessee, hit 100 degrees. 92 degrees in charlotte, and some of the stuff was oozing in our direction. we had a near normal day yesterday of 77, but today we are going to be cranking up
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the heat. we may have some thunderstorms due to the disturbance of the frontal boundary. we stop our time line at 5:00. westminister may get a rumble of showers around 5:00. we may have some isolated showers in the mountains for today and tomorrow. the high heat, we are going to get up to 87 degrees with that isolated thunder shower later in the day. we are going to go 89 and 90 on thursday and friday. over the weekend, we have cooler temperatures and a better chance of showers. let's check on the traffic. justin we have a disabled
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vehicle blocking one of the toll lanes. fortunately, traffic is moving around that without any problems. around the beltway, you are going to see traffic building at an early hour. jammed near liberty road to the outer loops, you will want to keep that in mind. we are looking at 70 westbound and woodbine road, a tractor trailer is blocking the two right lanes, the left lane is open, but keep that open as you are driving through. as we check the drive times, northbound 95 no problems or delays up to 300 and i-95. 370 to route 2, that's going to take you about 10 minutes. once you make it past the loop and the interchange, it will
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only take you 6 minutes to get to i-95. >> >> you fit with the money man, dale? >> good morning. >> you are going to make some money this afternoon. >> margo who has called in says you have been counting the 2010 stocks. you have done well, but what about 2011. >> margo, thank you for taking my advice. a few things some of the high yearly dividends have done well, and that is telecommunications and you utilities. going to 2011, you are going to want to be careful. we may go through another business cycle. so avoid sickles, and those
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are things that go up and down. if you want stability go to consumer staples. why i love the dividend payer? no. 1 is the strategy. a bond portfolio that will produce $50,000 a year, and after a few years of inflation, it's going to be 35. it's not going to be 50 after the inflation. the reason i like the dividend payers is that the corporate balance sheets are in better shape than the municipalities. it's rare. it's history. but -- >> yeah. >> margo let's do some homework. >> go online and find the top dividend payers? >> google it. you will find a great list.
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you will know the names. >> i know the names. thank you, you-namer. >> a lot of name dropping going on over there. >> well, they are very precious. and we want to help you keep them safe. >> after one night, someone had to hang up the dance shoes and we have the results coming up. >> >> storm gear is provided by llb. >>
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>> 62:00 this -- 6:21 this marks the national's safety seat checks for children. we have five tips on how to use the booster seats. >> myra meland is the traffic
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safety coordinator. during national child passenger safety week, authorities are educating the parents on how to make their children safe and using the booster seat correctly. >> understand that the booster is designed to boost the child up. the vehicles were made for adults, and this booster seat will help this child set up. if your vehicle has head restraint, you can use a back lift car restraint. if your child's head is above the back of the sheet, then you want to use a high back booster seat. you want to test drive the
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booster seat before you use it. let your son or your daughter sit in the booster seat, take it out to your vehicle to make sure it fits your car. remember, maryland law requires a child to sit in a form of a federally approved seat. unless that are 4'9" or 60 pounds, they should be in the booster seat. >> the last tip is: when do you give up the booster? we are going to show you. ben is 7 years old, he gets in the car, and he moves all the way back, and his knees are sitting comfortably in the booster seat. if he puts the seat belt on without a booster seat you can see how it is going to rub his
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neck, and the next thing you know he may put it under his arm and that is very, very unsafe. >> this is to ensure that the children are secured in the best possible way. >> news now. scary moments. a helicopter that was filmiing scenes, knocked down some of the power lines. no one was injured but the power was out for several hours. >> big changes for next season. we have some announcements, and ryan is going to let us know who is coming. randy jackson is going to be there. maybe j-lo? justin timber lake? how about john water? >> oh, that would be fun. >> yeah, that that -- that
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would be good. >> the first couple was voted off dancing with the stars last night. >> david and kim. >> the hoff is off. david hassleoff and kim johnson are the first partners to be eliminated. the lowest scores this week and in the end david was voted off of the show. >> 6:25. this looks like something you would see at a zoo right? >> this guy dressed in a gorilla suit was driving around town, plus ... >> what can we get you to --
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how can we get you to ditch the cell phone while driver -- driving. >> abc news is brought to you by expeed ya. >> so i can take one airline out... and another home. so with more flight options, i can find the combination that gets me there and back quickest. with a little help from expedia, my friends will think i can be everywhere at once. where you book matters. expedia.
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[ninstrumental music ]] >> a pastor is found to have
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allegations set against him. >> i'm megan pringle, good morning. >> justin? >> good morning we are talking about the last few hours of summer here. the official time that fall will set is 11:09 p.m. this is the last day of summer, if you will, but the last few minutes of the day will be autumn. we are going to heat up to 85 to 90 degrees, and we will stay in that general range for the next few days. 50 degrees in -- is the coolest temperature we have found this morning. we have rt

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